New iOS App Tags TV Shows And Movies

New iOS App Tags TV Shows And Movies

IntoNow is an amazing new iOS app that identifies and tags movies and TV shows.  The app functions much like Shazam, press a button, let it record a sample of your what is playing and bam, you now know what you’re watching.

IntoNow will identify anything that has aired on TV within the last five years, including movies. Tagging is not limited to re-runs, IntoNow will also identify live TV shows!   After your movie or TV show has been tagged, IntoNow will provide you with the name of the show, episode number, cast information as well as information on future airings.

IntoNow integrates with Netflix, so you can add whatever you are watching to your DVD or Instant Que.  It also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so you can tell the world everything you watch. IntoNow is available for free from Apple’s Appstore. Go get it!

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