Mobile VM Software Runs Android Apps On Non-Android Devices

Mobile VM Software Runs Android Apps On Non-Android Devices

Smartphone mania is amongst us.  Upon a sea of handset options, there are a slew of mobile operating system. There’s iPhone iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Palm OS, WIndows Mobile, Symbian and more.

Typically, mobile apps are written for a specific operating system, which is limiting if you want to install an app designed for a different OS. The folks over at Myriad hope to change this. Their Alien Dalvik Virtual Machine Solution will run Android apps on non Android devices. They do so by way of a VM (Virtual Machine).

Virtual machines are nothing new. VM software such as Parallels allow Mac users to run WIndows apps in Mac OSX.  Myriad’s Alien Dalvik now does the same for those who wish to run Android apps on Nokia MeeGo devices. Myriad could also release it’s VM software for Palm’s webOS.

Alien Dalvik runs quietly in the background providing a seamless experience for the end user. Myriad will publicly demonstrate this technology next week, but Techni Glee! readers can see it in action right now!  See below:

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