This Summer: iPhone Nano And New MobileMe

This Summer: iPhone Nano And New MobileMe

The Wall Street Journal has once again spilled the beans, this time detailing Apple’s plans to release a smaller iPhone as well as a revamped MobileMe service.

The new, smaller iPhone will be about half the size and much lighter than the iPhone 4.  It will have an “edge to edge screen” which could confirm previous rumors of Apple removing the home button from their iOS devices.  The phone will feature both voice and touch navigation.

The smaller iPhone will cost about half the amount of the iPhone 4, so it is possible that carriers could offer the phone for free through subsidized contracts.  The new, smaller iPhone is believed to ship this summer along with an upgraded full-size iPhone.

Apple is also set to update their popular MobileMe service.  The new MobileMe will allow users to store their iTunes library “in the cloud” on Apple’s servers.  They would be able to access their music library from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or computer, eliminating the need to store their media locally on each device.

The revamped MobileMe will likely be offered… ready for this?… for free!  If licensing talks are successful, it could launch as early as June.  Apparently, Apple had intended to release the new service last year, but it was postponed.

Steve Jobs is closely overseeing the development of both products, despite being on a medical leave of absence.  The new iPhone and MobileMe are among the Apple Co-founder and CEO’s “top priorities”.

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