Get Ready to Fly! Here Comes the Jetlev Flyer


This March, all you water lovers can hover over the oceans and the deep blue seas Elroy Jetson style! Yes, a water powered Jetpack is arriving for the low price of $99,500… I so want one of these!

The Jetlev Flyer will propel you over the water at heights of up to 30 feet!  The Flyer punches out 430 pounds of thrust, letting you fly at speeds up to 22mph.

The Jetpack is made of lightweight fiberglass.  It is connected to a 33 foot hose that sucks up pressurized water from a floating propulsion unit.  The controls are said to be simple and intuitive.  Jetlev also claims the ride is smooth and stable.

If there’s anyone out there that isn’t sure what to get their favorite tech writer, look no further!

Check this out!

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One Response to Get Ready to Fly! Here Comes the Jetlev Flyer

  1. Jenn says:

    This is what I want for Christmas.

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