Amazing Photo And Video From Space Shuttle Discovery’s Final Voyage

Amazing Photo And Video From Space Shuttle Discovery’s Final Voyage

On Thursday, NASA lunched the Space Shuttle Discovery into space one last time. The Discovery first left our planet in 1984.  Since then, the Discovery was used to Launch the Hubble Telescope the Ulysses probe and three TDRS satellites.

During the Discovery’s final voyage, an incredible photo was taken by Paolo Nespoli, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.  The photo beautifully captures the spacescraft flying over the coast of Peru.  What makes this photo so unique is the shadow cast over the Discovery’s nose.  Think about it, a shadow cast on a spacecraft floating in Orbit?  The shadow is of the International Space Station, where the Discovery is currently docked during it’s final mission. How fitting!

I’ve always preferred the window seat while flying.  I just love the view.  I’m always astonished by how beautiful our planet is from afar.  I would have loved to been flying over Orlando last Thursday afternoon.  Check out this footage taken from a plane that was.  These lucky passengers witnessed the Space Shuttle Discovery blasting into space from their plane!  Good thing they were running late… and say what, free drinks!?  Folks, it does not get better than that!

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