Yahoo! Launches Social Gaming at SF Bus Stops


Thought waiting for the bus was boring?  Not anymore, Yahoo! has installed giant touch screen gaming displays at 20 San Francisco bus stops. The screens are part of their latest advertising campaign “Bus Stop Derby”.

The promotion pits 20 neighborhoods against each other in a ten week competition.  The “winning hood” will win “The world’s greatest neighborhood block party” featuring the band OK Go (that band with the really cool treadmill video).

Here’s how it works:
Tap the digital screen to select one of four interactive games. Choose the neighborhood you’re playing for, and challenge other neighborhoods to live head-to-head games. The winner will rack up 100 points for their team. Single-play also brings in 25 points for your neighborhood—and beating the top score wins your team a 500-point bonus! The neighborhood with the most points by midnight on January 28, 2011, will be crowned the winner.

The four games offered are:

  1. Snap-Happy, an interactive 3-D puzzle
  2. Incoming, a mail sorting game
  3. Chatter Scatter, a text game
  4. Sport-a-putt, a sports trivia game

I really like this concept.  Imagine a city vs city or a state vs state competition.  There’s a lot of potential here…

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