360 Panorama

There’s an app for that, it’s called 360 Panorama.  Simply point your iphone/ipod touch’s camera straight ahead  and turn around in a circle.  360 Panorama uses the ipod/phone’s gyroscope to precisely determine the camera’s orientation. As you turn, you can see your pictures stitching magically before your eyes!

Once you’ve captured your panorama, you can view it interactively on your iOS device.  You can also upload it from the app to twit pics, where anyone can view  your panorama interactively online.

The panoramas are sweet, but don’t go expecting to win any photo competitions just yet.  360 Panorama leaves some obvious stitch points in the photos and the images don’t always line up properly.  Lighting can also be an issue. I’m sure this app will be pretty stellar after an update or two.

All and all this app is a steal for just a $1.99.

Here’s an interactive Panorama I took today using 360 at the Hotel Del: Hotel Del Panorama

Click here to buy 360 Panorama at the app store 360 Panorama

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