Virtual Product Placement


Product placement is friggin every where. We see it daily in movies, television shows and at sporting events. Manufactures know that we’re all suckers and that we’ll likely order from Pizza Hut just because Wayne and Garth did.

Impossible Software will soon offer a new approach to product placement by “injecting” advertisements into existing video content. Soon, we’ll all be able to capitalize from ad placement within our personal media.

So how does this work?  Let’s just say you captured a great video of your cat Fluffy rolling around and playing with yarn.  You put it on YouTube, the whole world fell in love and it went viral.  Now you have a huge audience and you’re ready to make some cash.

With Impossible Software’s ad integration, you’ll be able to play a movie trailer or Netflix commercial on that TV Fluffy was rolling around in front of.  If you have some empty wall space in your video, you could “inject” a Harry Potter poster.  If someone was filmed playing with Fluffy, you’ll be able to add a Petco logo to their T-shirt.

The video modifications look very realistic. The “injected media” moves naturally with the video.  The advertisements can be dynamic and change with current trends.

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