UPS Trucks (Almost) Never Turn Left


Did you know that UPS trucks rarely make left turns? Kinda weird, but very efficient in the long haul.

Left hand turns are very time consuming.   Typically, turning left requires waiting for oncoming traffic and traffic lights. Eliminating that idle time has saved UPS millions of dollars in gas.  It has also eliminated a lot of wasted time, enabling drivers to deliver more packages.

Hangin a left also means crossing traffic, which can result in an accident.  Less accidents result in less damage to their drivers, vehicles and packages.

UPS has developed a “Package Flow” technology which maps out routs for each driver. The software avoids left turns and backtracking wherever possible. As a result, UPS was able to save about 20 million miles in travel last year and reduce their CO2 emissions by 20,000 tons.

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One Response to UPS Trucks (Almost) Never Turn Left

  1. Jennifer says:

    what a random but awesome thing to know!

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