Skype is on a roll.  Today they announced their acquisition of Qik.  This is HUGE for Skype.

Just last week Skype updated its iOS app to include video conferencing on the iPod touch and iPhone, giving them the ability to video conference amongst fellow iOS handhelds or with a computer.  They also opened the door to video conferencing on 3G, a feature not included in Apple’s own FaceTime software.

The newly acquired Qik platform gives us bandwidth hoarding smartphone addicts the ability to record and share videos immediately, share live two way video and send video email with our mobile devices.  Qik is also multilingual and integrates seamlessly with WordPress, Facebook and Twitter.  It is also compatible with HUNDREDS of phones!

It will be very exciting to see how Skype implements these newly found capabilities into the next generation of tablet devices.  I’m sure Skype will be all over the next generation iPad (which is rumored to ship with a FaceTime camera) and the Android powered tablets showcased at CES this week.


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