OK, we’ve all got our lives digitized, all our music is in iTunes.  Our movies, video and photos are stored on our hard drives and ready to view at a moments notice on any of our digital devices.  But what about our books?  They’re big, heavy and take up lots of space!

Most of us have E-readers in one format or another.  We may have a traditional Kindle or iPad or a perhaps a pocket sized smart-phone reader.  Almost all of us have the ability to ready books on our computer monitors.  We all have the ability to buy endless books online, so we can carry around a virtual library on our person.  But.. what about all those physical books we already own?  The ones we’ve collected throughout the years.. do we really need to buy them again just for this convenience?

Have no fear, Ion Audio has just introduced the Book saver!  The Book Saver will “rip” all your printed ink quickly and easily.  The device is capable of digitizing a 200 page book in about 15 minutes.  It contains a book cradle, two cameras (each with a flash) and software to decipher printed text for editing and archiving purposes.

The Book saver was showcased this year at CES and will likely sell for $150.  It is compatible with both MAC and PC  Ion Audio has yet to announce an official release date.

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