3D Modeling

Trimensional has created an iPhone/iPod app that creates 3D models of your face!  I swear… these apps are becoming amazingly innovative.

3D Scanner for iPhone, as used by the Jetsons allows you to:

Capture goofy expressions, view your face from any angle, and customize the look of the 3D rendering before sending it off to all of your friends

So, turn out the lights, turn up your screen brightness, and get ready for your close-up as you capture 3D scans using your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch (4th Generation). For best results, an extremely dark room is required and iPhone screen brightness must be set to maximum.

Although some reviewers are claiming the app still needs an update or two,  the proof of concept is pretty groundbreaking.

Just a thought, make an Apple App Store version that uses the isight camera on the iMac and Mac laptops!

Trimensional - PhloSoft

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