New Mall Kiosk Helps You Find Your Car


Many people frequent the “Find a Store” kiosk at the the local mall to determine their location and quickly navigate to the nearest Cinnabon. Well, a new type of kiosk at the Santa Monica Place Mall a will now help you locate your vehicle.

Absent minded shoppers at the So Cal mall can now go to the “Find Your Car” kiosk, type in their license plate number and view a photo of their vehicle along with it’s location.  Don’t proclaim hallelujah just yet, this convince comes with a price.

Yep, Mr. Eye In The Sky (AKA Big Brother) is involved, so you mall bound Santa Monica fugitives may want to ride the bus for now.  Since photos of the license plates are taken in a public area, the mall can legally use them however they wish. The mall can legally grant the Santa Monica Police (or anybody) access to the systems archive of photos.

This technology could help locate and apprehend stolen vehicles, potential terrorists and shoplifters.  However, in the wrong hands it could be used for malicious purposes.

Hmm… if someone cuts you off on the way in,  you could just jot down their plate number …find their car and… I’m just saying!

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