Mind-Bending Global Internet Stats for 2010


Pingdom has released some amazing internet statistics for 2010.  The internet is growing at an alarming rate.  So fast, it’s baffling to think what these stats will look like next year.  Here’s an overview.  All figures are global and stated for the year 2010 unless otherwise noted:

Internet Users: The total number of internet users as of June 2010 was 1.97 billion.  This was an increase of 14% since the year before.  There were 266.2 million users in the US, 475 million in Europe and 825 million in Asia.

Email: 107 trillion emails were sent at a rate of 262 billion per day.  There are now over 1.88 billion email users, that’s 480 millions users more than the previous year.  There are now 2.9 billion email accounts, 25% percent of those are corporate.

Websites: As of December 2010 there were a total of 255 million websites on the world wide web.  21.4 million (almost 10% of those were added in 2010).  By the end of 2010 there were 88.8 million .coms, 13.2 million .nets and 8.6 million .orgs.

Social Medial growth was explosive in 2010.  Check out these stats:

Facebook: By the end of 2010 there were 600 million people on Facebook.  250 million of those people joined in 2010.  That’s almost a doubling in one year!  70% of Facebook growth occured outside of the US.

Twitter: There were 175 million people on Twitter as of September 2010.  100 million of those accounts were created in 2010!  The number of 2010 tweets?  25 billion.

Video: 2 billion YouTube videos were watched per day.  35 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute.  Wow!  Over 2 billion videos were watched per month on Facebook.  20 million videos were uploaded to Facebook every month.  The average internet user watched 186 videos per month.

Images: By the end of 2010, Flickr hosted 5 billion photos.  3,000 photos were uploaded to Flickr every minute.  3 billion photos were uploaded per month to Facebook.

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  1. Whoops! The stats are mind numbing…

    Downloading the internet just got harder! :P :D

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