apple hacked

That didn’t take long!  The Mac App Store has been hacked just Hours after their highly anticipated grand opening.  Gizmodo reports that the Mac App Store’s security has been invaded.  Users can install a software called Kickback and pirate all the fun addictive apps they want.

But don’t send your fingers and mouse looting and pirating just yet.  The hack won’t be available until February.  Dissident, (who is also part of the team who cracked Apple’s iOS platform) said they want to wait and let the developers who produced decent apps a chance to make some money… how very noble…

“While I don’t support piracy, I understand the need to allow people to try apps for free, especially when there’s so much crap out there. However, this opens the door to wide piracy, which is not good for anyone, developers and users alike in the long term.

That’s why Apple should provide a test mode for all apps. Lite and trial versions don’t cut it. It’s cumbersome and not universal. Storewide 24-hour testing would be perfect, allowing users to quickly purchase or delete at any time during the trial period.”

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