Life Saving iPhone App


Do You know CPR?  Are you willing to save a life?

There are many amazing apps that can do just about anything, now there is an app that can help save lives.

The San Ramon Valley California Fire Department has released a free iOS app, “Fire Department“.  The app will notify users when they are near someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest.  It will also display the victim’s location and the closest automated external defibrillator (AED) so they can assist before medics arrive.

Fire Department will display the current response status of any dispatched personal.  It will also broadcast live emergency radio traffic.

A patient typically has ten minutes to live after a their heart stops beating. Alerting anyone in the area who knows CPR and/or can offer assistance with defibrillation could be lifesaving.

The app took 18 months to produce and was primarily written by college interns. For now, the app only works in the San Ramon Valley District. The free software will soon be available to other districts. There are also plans to bring “Fire Department” to more smartphone platforms.

iTunes Link

Fire Department App – PSA from Fire Department on Vimeo.

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