LCD Gets Optical


If you’re having trouble reading this article, new LCD technology may soon be able to help.  Pixel Optics has created emPower!, the first ever pair of LCD bifocal glasses.
The bifocal lens on emPower! is not divided into two sections.  The futuristic spectacles house a long to mid range optical lens that is overlaid with an LCD.  The LCD, applied with an electrical current instantly adjusts the focal length of the lens for reading and short field activities.
The LCD can be triggered through a built in accelerometer which knows when a user is tilting their head! The LCD can also be turned on and off manually by simply touching the frame.
Pixel Optics makes an induction charger for the glasses, so you don’t need to plug them in at night. Each full charge will last 2-3 days.  They emPower glasses will be released in 36 different styles.  Cost, about $1200. kinda funny, 50″ and 1″ LCDs cost about the same nowadays.

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2 Responses to LCD Gets Optical

  1. Guess who will buy this? Not even the stinking rich!

    The pizza eating nerds would have cared if the lcd displayed info like fighter pilot visors instead of just focusing around.

  2. Nick ng from Malaysia says:

    Is a very good lenses, a lot Asian customer is complaining about the progressive lens due to vision floating. And now this type of lenses will help a lot of people. Really hope this lens can get it in Malaysia.

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