IPad 2 Parts Leaked!


Global Direct Parts is listing parts for the next generation iPad on their website.  This is the same company who leaked a video of  the unreleased Verizon iPhone earlier this month.

They simply list the screen as iPad 2 LCD Screen for the price of $218.19.  Don’t rush to your wallet just yet, the part is sold out.

Mac Rumors notes that if this is indeed the actual screen for the iPad 2, it is priced at a premium of the current iPad screen, which cost $144.99 as of June last year.  The current screen is still being sold on the site for a much depreciated $63.35

They also list a iPad Vibrating Motor (Not a iPad 2 Vibrating Motor).  Good news for all you do-it-your-selfers, the part is in stock and is selling for $9.99!  No image was provided for the part.  Maybe the iPad 2 will have a rumble pack?

The Site also displays a thumbnail of a white iPad.  Pretty strange. eh?

No details of an actual screen resolution are listed on the site.  Many people are speculating that the iPad 2 screen resolution will be 2048×1536, double the resolution of the current iPad.  This assumption is based on the resolution of iPad camera icons found in the iOS 4.3 developer kit released earlier this week.

Here’s a closer look:

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