Facebook Enables Voice Updates in India


The NY Times has reported a new Facebook feature  in India.  Facebook has teamed up with Indian mobile service provider Aircel to enable voice status updates.

That’s right, no more scrambling to a computer so you can tell the world you’re eating crackers!  Just call 51555, verify your account and record a message.

The audio updates post automatically to a user’s wall so that their friends can listen.  Facebook will also allow users to post audio recordings on their friends walls.  This is great, no need to write LOL, you can now just record a laugh!  Heck, if they enable video posts you can even ROTFLMAO!

But why only India?  This feature was created in India to compensate for their low smart-phone adaptation.  Facebook and Aircel want to make Facebooking more accessible to everyone in India.  Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be yapping on our walls very soon!

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