Crossing guard

As every man woman and child pre-confirmed, the iPhone was on released on Verizon today.  That’s right, you’ll now be able to use the “phone” app on your iPhone with less worry of shoddy service and dropped calls.

Verizon will begin selling the iPhone on February 10th.  You will be able to pre-order on February 3rd.   Verizon will offer the phone for $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB) with a two year contract.  They will also offer the phone at an unsubsidized price.

The Verizon iPhone antenna casing is slightly redesigned to work with CDMA cellular technology and possibly to offset the antenna-gate issue (which nobody cares about anymore).  Verizon has also allowed the iphone to share it’s 3G signal with up to five wifi devices simultaneously!

Pretty sweet right?  No!  Don’t buy it.. not yet, here’s why:

1.  If product release history repeats its self (as it always does with Apple),  the next generation iPhone will be announced in late June and ship in early July.  Guess what?  It will be off limits to you because of that pesky two year contract, the one you just signed a few months ago! (DOH!)

2.  No 4G.  In a Q&A, Tim Cook was asked: “Some people surprised this isn’t 4G LTE. Why not”  Tim replied “One, first generation LTE chipsets force some design compromises, some of which we would not make. Secondly, and most importantly, Verizon customers have told us they want the iPhone NOW.”

So when the iPhone 5 comes out with 4G speeds so fast that your iPhone 4 feels as primitive as the Motorola Razor…  You can just think  ”ahhh.. only two more years”

Finally, you can’t talk and use the Internet at the same time on the darn thing!  One of the setbacks of CDMA technology is the inability to talk and surf at the same time.  So you wont be able to yap with your “BFF” while “LOL”ing on their Facebook staus.

Oh, and plan on using you Verizon iPhone abroad?  Good luck with that… CDMA can be hard to come by internationally.

So please all you Verizon upgrade eligible iManiacs, hold it out for just a few months!

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  1. Jenn says:

    And, Verizon just cancelled it’s “new every 2″ policy as well. Once you join, you’re stuck paying retail:

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