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Tired of paying astronomical rates for space travel?  Kayak has you covered.  Going where no travel site has gone before, they are now selling trips to space.

You won’t be able to plan your intergalactic itinerary by simply navigating through Kayak’s flight or vacation pages, you’ll need to use the force.  Mashable has discovered a little “easter egg” that will bring you one step closer to the final frontier.

Here’s what to do:
1.  Goto and select “Flights”
2.  Select “Round-Trip”. You don’t wanna get stuck out there do ya?
3.  In the “From” field, enter “90n”. That is the airport code for Spaceport America
4.  In the “To” field, enter “50m”. It is about 50 miles from earth to the thermosphere
5.  Be sure your departure and return dates are the same.
6.  Select “First Class”. You’ll likely want a seat with a view.
7.  Press “Search” and you are done!  Book away!

Kayak likes to hide these “easter eggs” on their site from time to time.
“There’s a million little tricks on Kayak that are up there because they’re geeky,” says Robert Birge, Kayak’s CMO. Birge adds, “I hope someone books through us,”.  I’m sure he does, Kayak sells these trips on Virgin Galactic for $200,000.

Oh well, maybe they’ll offer a Groupon one day…

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  1. Jenn says:

    No Way!!!

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