At last, The White iPhone 4 is Coming!


There are lots of people who have been itching for a white iPhone 4 since the darn thing launched in June!  Apple has delayed the role out of their peal colored beauty several times because light was able to seep past it’s paint and effect it’s camera performance.

Many people (including Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak) have been unwilling to wait and swapped their black iPhone 4 casing with a white shell.  Several sites even posted do it yourself white iPhone 4 modification tutorials.

Well, the wait may son be over!  Recently, SKU numbers for both 16 and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models have been found in bot Vodaphone Germany and AT&Ts computers.  Could this mean that we will soon have an iPhone 4 blanco?  CNET has posted additional SKU images which clearly show a February 27 release date.

Here’s the real kicker, today Macotakara (translation required) reported that Apple has been working with a Japanese company to create a new type of paint for the white iPhone4.   The new paint which will allow a white iPhone is named … “miracle painting material”.

Yes, it appears the iPhone 4 will soon be available in two flavors, stay tuned!

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