Amazing iPhone/Brain Integration!


Ok, take a deep breath here, this might blow you away..

PLX Devices has released “XWave” mind control technology for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  XWave is a headset that plugs into your favorite “iDevce”.  It uses state-of the -art sensors which read your brainwaves and convert them into digital signals.  The digital brain waves are then used as a form of input to interface with software applications.  WOW!  Seriously, I’m not making this up!

PLX Founder and CEO Paul Lowchareonkul: “The human brain is the most powerful, complex thing in the universe, and for the first time, we’re able to harness its amazing power and connect it to everyday technology.”

The XWave app contains a visualizer which displays a user’s various brainwave patterns and measures their levels of attention and meditation.  The app also has a “focus” function in which you focus on a ball for 180 seconds.  The more a user concentrates on the ball, the higher it will float.

Another XWave app, “XWave Tunes” allows users to add songs from their iTunes library and sync their brainwaves to them.  What a great way to gets pumped up before a big workout or to mellow out before going to sleep!

PLX is working on technology where XWave would automatically choose what music an iPod plays, depending on a users mood.  Also in the works, an app to control the lights in your home… all with your mind.

But it gets even better, PLX has released a developer program to allow third party app development.  Thought the apps of today were amazing?  Xwave’s designers claim the possibilities are endless in the expansion of brain training, social networking, gaming, relaxation and entertainment.

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2 Responses to Amazing iPhone/Brain Integration!

  1. Jane says:

    This is what I’m talking about! Let the mind grow a thousand fold. I can’t wait to see when this kind of product become the everyday norm. This will enable education can be enhanced, business can expand further than overseas, and everyday life will benefit from using the most amazing “computer” to improve and strenghten humanity. Maybe I’m getting carried away but this goes back to “if you can think it, you can do it”. Thanks for sharing this piece.

  2. Jenn says:

    That is amazing!

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