Coming Soon: 3D Photo Printing


If a picture is worth a thousand words, any idea what a 3D photo is worth?  We may soon find out.  This spring, Kodak is introducing a 3D photo printer.  The $100 ESP C310 will ship with two pairs of 3D glasses and 3D photo converting software (PC only).

To create a 3D photo, you will need to take two photos.  One photo will need to be take from the prospective of your left eye, the second a few inches to the right.  The 3D photo imaging software will morph the two photos together, producing a anaglyph 3D image.  You will be able to enjoy the 3D image on your computer screen or as a printed photo.  However, you will need to wear those dang 3D glasses to enjoy the effect.

The process may be cumbersome, but the novelty seems really fun!

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